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Happy Thanksgiving! -- Chronicle Online/The WORD 11/17/22

Weekly On-line Rabbi's D'var-Torah

November 17, 2022

23 Cheshvan 5783

Parashat Chaye Sarah

In this week’s Torah portion, Abraham sent his trusted servant Eliezer to go find a bride for Isaac. As he began the journey, Eliezer paused and offered up a prayer: “O Adonai, God of my master Abraham’s, grant me good fortune this day, and deal graciously with my master Abraham (Genesis 24:12).” It was such a powerful prayer that, to this day, Jews invoke Abraham’s name when praying to God. Eliezer’s prayer reminded me of last week’s Torah portion when Hagar the Egyptian cried and God heard her voice and guided her to water. And then, of course, I couldn’t help but think about Bilaam – the non-Israelite free agent seer – who gave us words that start our service each morning “Mah Tov – How good are your tents O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel (Numbers 22:5).” None of these three were Israelites and none of them were considered a part of the covenant of Abraham. Yet, the prayed to God and God heard them. In other words, we’ve been doing interfaith prayer for a LONG time! So, as Thanksgiving draws near, please join one of the interfaith services in our area:

  • New Providence/Berkeley Heights Interfaith Thanksgiving – Monday, November 21st, 7:30pm at Faith Lutheran Church, 524 South Street, New Providence.

  • Summit Interfaith Thanksgiving – Tuesday, November 22nd, 7:00pm at Fountain Baptist Church, 116 Glenside Avenue, Summit.

  • The Chathams Interfaith Thanksgiving – Tuesday November 22nd, 7:00pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 200 Main Street, Chatham.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Shalom, RAF.

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