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Ohr Shalom Synagogue Teens


Teen Program (7th to 12th grades)​

Our approach to teen Jewish education focuses on how Jewish teachings and practices can make our teens’ lives better and the world better. We create opportunities for our 21st-century teens to live Jewish lives and help them flourish as human help them be "happy" in the fullest Jewish sense of that term. Our program is an opportunity for students in 7th to 10th grade to commit to weekly continuation of their Jewish experiences, which includes: 

  • Weekly learning with our Rabbi, teen educators, and our rishon (Israeli teen)

  • Community service and tikkun olam (repairing the world)

  • Confirmation (10th grade)  

  • Post-confirmation employment for 11th- and 12th-graders 

Ra’anana Teens

We are proud to be the host congregation for the Ra’anana teen delegation, a group of 10th-graders from our partner city of Ra’anana, Israel, together with their two teachers. Our teen program teens are given the opportunity to host the Israeli teens during their visit in the spring. All teens are invited to participate in the programs during the week of hosting.​

* Our teen program is made possible by the Jay and Ruth Toor Fund.

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Ohr Shalom Synagogue Teens
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