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Ohr Shalom Synagogue Bar/Bat Mitzvah


Training for a B Mitzvah begins as soon as our children enter our building for Tot Shabbats and then JLC (religious school). These experiences all contribute to the development of synagogue skills and a sense of familiarity with our liturgy. Individual lessons with the Rabbi and then the Cantor begin approximately one year prior to the "big day." Our B Mitzvah students are given every opportunity to lead parts of the service, read from the Torah, and chant the Haftarah on their special day. Family members and close friends are also encouraged to participate in the service. Following the service, the entire congregation celebrates the accomplishments of our newest adult member together at Kiddush.

If you're wondering why we use the term "B Mitzvah," click here to learn more.

Please contact Lauren Levine in the main office for more information or any questions relating to B Mitzvah.

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Ohr Shalom Synagogue Bar Mitzvah
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