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Shabbat at Congregation Ohr Shalom is a unique and meaningful experience. On Friday evenings, we begin with Happy Holy Hour a few minutes of food, drink, and conversation. 


We find that we can all focus more intently on Shabbat after an opportunity to nosh, to drink, and to visit with friends. 

We periodically have a Tot Shabbat service on Friday evenings, geared to our youngest members and filled with song and dance.


Saturday mornings are an opportunity to pray together, to sing together, to learn together, and/or to celebrate with our b’nei mitzvah families always followed by a Kiddush luncheon. We hope you will join us for Shabbat in person, but Shabbat services are also available through Zoom.

Shabbat Blessings


Shalom Aleichem sound file




Friday night Kiddush sound file


Saturday morning Kiddush  sound file






Torah blessings (before & after) sound file for both


Haftarah blessing (before) sound file


Haftarah blessing (after) sound file


Shabbat Prayers


V’Shamru sound file


Ashrei – sound file


Sh’ma / V’Ahavta sound file


Amidah (Avot & Gevurot)

Aleinu sound file

Shabbat Under the Stars 

Every so often, the congregation leaves the sanctuary to celebrate Shabbat outside on the lawn. The atmosphere is informal and we typically conclude with a delicious Shabbat barbecue dinner. Please join us...​

Mincha - Ma'ariv - Havdalah 

Every Saturday afternoon during the school year, there is a 1-1/2 hour service that is perfect for families to attend together. Each week the service begins at candle lighting time from the night before. The Mincha service is followed by a break to eat and socialize. The evening concludes with the Maariv and Havdalah services. All children are invited onto the bimah for Havdalah.

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