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Some Help for Oz -- CHRONICLE Online/The WORD 02/29/24

Weekly On-line Rabbi's D'var-Torah


February 29, 2024

20 Adar 5784

Parashat Ki Tisa

I first met Oz Balas Bareket when he accompanied a group of his students from MetroWest High School in Ra’anana on their visit to New Jersey. He was very interested in discussing non-orthodox Judaism in the US. A couple of years later, I traveled to Ra’anana with a group of students from our congregation, and I was happy to spend time with Oz once again.


After that, we stayed in touch through social media. This past October, when Oz reported for duty with his reserve IDF unit, I started texting with him to wish him safety and success. While he was sitting in the Negev awaiting orders to enter Gaza with his unit, he recommended that I follow Ella Travels on X (nee Twitter), who used to tweet about nature and travel in Israel. Since October 7, she has been a prolific creator of pro-Israel content on the internet. It was a great recommendation. I read her stuff every day.

I’m happy to report that Oz returned home safely from his service in Gaza. However, this past week, he let me know that his unit is being called up again due to the increased violence in Israel’s north, and they are in need of some new equipment. In a perfect world, an army would provide every single item that a soldier needs, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way.  

Oz’s note about what his unit needs is under the photos.

Shalom,RAF.        Dear Friends and Family Far and Wide,We are a combat medical unit of reserve soldiers from the Nachal brigade. We were drafted on October 7 after the terrible atrocities of that day. The following day we were already stationed by all the yishuvim and kibbutzim down south to cleanse them of terrorists. We were the first reserves unit to go into Gaza to the Be’eri area. For 28 days we completed defense and attack tasks during which time we provided medical assistance to wounded soldiers and saved many others’ lives. We were discharged after 75 days and are already now preparing to go back in in a few weeks as we have received a callback. In getting ready for the next round up north we are in great need of helmets and heavy duty bags that fell apart during our first round. The cost of a new helmet is $330 and each bag $250 Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the beginning of March so we can be fully prepared for our next call up. Please consider sponsoring us today. With much love and appreciation, the Taagad Unit of the Nachal brigade  Tax deductible donations can be made through Cardknox.  Please earmark all - combative medics For donations via PayPal - Please earmark all - combative medics Can also donate through Lev Lachayal:  Please earmark all - combative medics

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