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Ohr Shalom Synagogue Gift Cards


What is the SJCC Gift Card Program?

The gift card program is a fundraiser for COS-SJCC that costs you nothing. The gift cards you purchase from the shul are from major retailers and can be used just like cash. COS-SJCC offers gift cards from a wide variety of stores—from supermarkets, to clothing stores, to bookshops, to restaurants. And with every gift card you purchase, you make money for the synagogue!

Which gift cards are available?

Click here to see a list of 125 participating retailers. Since gift cards are used just like cash, in the vast majority of cases you are still entitled to take advantage of all sales and promotions from a retailer. Some retailers even allow the use of gift cards to pay off charge accounts. Most cards can be used both in a retailer's stores and for online shopping through their website.


How do gift cards generate revenue for COS-SJCC?

We purchase the gift cards at a discount and resell the gift cards at face value. The difference in price—which varies among participating retailers from 1.5% to 15% or more—is our organization's revenue. Example:  The synagogue purchases a Starbucks gift card for $9.30 and sells it to you for $10. You get the full face value of $10 when you shop at Starbucks and the shul earns 70 cents.

Why are gift cards a great fundraiser for COS-SJCC?

Gift cards are a great fundraiser because they cost you nothing extra to earn money for the synagogue other than a few minutes of your time. By changing your habits and buying gift cards before you shop, you can earn money for COS-SJCC just by making your regular household and other purchases. All kinds of items—clothing, toys, groceries—can be purchased with gift cards at no extra cost to you. Yet, every time you remember to buy and use gifts cards, the money adds up to help underwrite COS-SJCC programs.


How do I buy gift cards from the COS-SJCC?

The gift card program is easy to use. Cards for local supermarkets (A&P, ShopRite, Stop N' Shop, Kings, and Whole Foods) are in stock in the shul office in various denominations and can be purchased during regular business hours (which includes most Sunday mornings) on an ongoing basis. Supermarket gift card orders of $200 or more are eligible for free local delivery—contact Elaina Luboff to make arrangements. The office now also stocks Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts in $10 and $25 denominations.

Cards for other retailers (clothing, restaurants, books, etc.) are purchased via order form.

We have set up a regular order schedule for gift cards, where participants may commit to a fixed quantity of gift cards each month. If you "subscribe" to a monthly purchase that totals $200 or more, your cards can be delivered to you. You may always adjust your monthly order if your original commitment is not meeting your needs. This web site includes a copy of the current order form and additional copies will be available at the synagogue. Completed order forms should be returned to the COS-SJCC office (by mail or in person) accompanied by payment in cash or check (made payable to "SJCC" with "gift cards" written in the memo line).

For more information, please contact Elaina Luboff or call the synagogue office at 908-273-8130.


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