Shabbat and Festival

Evening services: Please see the calendar.

Morning services: 9:30 AM

For Mincha-Ma'ariv-Havdalah services see the calendar.



Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning minyanim: 7:00 AM

Sunday morning minyan: 9:30 AM

Jewish Learning Center Minyan and Music:  5:30 PM

Morning minyanim occurring on secular holidays: 9:30 AM

Family Services

These are special services for children and parents.

Tot Shabbat - This Shabbat experience is a wonderful opportunity for families with young (and even the youngest) children to sing songs, hear stories, and enjoy the special day. The service runs from 5:30 to 6:15 PM and occurs about seven times a year.  Click here for a link to our current Tot Shabbat schedule.

Mincha-Ma'ariv-Havdalah - Every Saturday afternoon during the school year, there is a 1-1/2 hour service that is perfect for families to attend together. Each week the service begins at candle lighting time from the night before. The Mincha service is followed by a break to eat and socialize. The evening concludes with the Maariv and Havdalah services. All children are invited onto the bimah for Havdalah.

Shabbat Under the Stars

Every so often, the congregation leaves the sanctuary to celebrate Shabbat. We congregate on the lawn. Please join us...

  • The Cantor and the Nevelim band lead us in Shabbat songs

  • Cooks prepare hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and all the fixins' nearby

  • Soft drinks, beer, and wine are available

  • The atmosphere is informal  (and so are the clothes)

  • The Rabbi makes us all feel welcome


Click on the video below to get a sense of Shabbat Under the Stars.

Weekly Prayer

Torah is read on Monday, Thursday and Shabbat mornings. During the week three people are called to the Torah and recite blessings before and after the reading. On Shabbat, seven people are called up.

Click Here to read about what's involved.

Click Here to listen to the Cantor chanting the blessings.



Here's a chance for us to become a little more familiar with some of those prayers that everyone seems to know so well but perhaps are not as familiar as they seem. Every week we'll post one prayer that appears in the Shabbat service. It will appear in both the Hebrew of the siddur and in a transliteration.The prayer that ends the Torah service is chanted just as the Torah scroll is returned to the ark and the doors are closing.

This prayer concludes with the well-known phrase from Lamentations, Chapter 5, Verse 21: Turn Thou us unto Thee, O Lord, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old.

Click Here for the "U'V'Nucho Yomar" prayer both in Hebrew and in transliteration. The prayer is found in the second paragraph on the page.

Click Here to listen to the Cantor chanting the prayer.

Click Here for a commentary on this week's Torah reading.