Kosher Policy


The Jewish Dietary Laws have remained one of the foundation stones of the Jewish people from Moses's time to the present. They have helped create a sense of distinctiveness amongst the Jewish people and have had a profound effect on Jewish identity and unity throughout the centuries.

From a theological perspective, the laws of Kashrut raise our awareness of our potential to create holiness in the world and to infuse each action, even the most mundane, with meaning. The manner in which kosher food is prepared should help us be more cognizant of and sensitive to all aspects of God's creation. It is our hope that the following kosher guidelines for COS-SJCC will help us create a place where the vast majority of Jews will feel comfortable while remaining true to the policies of the Conservative movement. 

  • All food brought into COS-SJCC must come from an approved caterer or bakery (lists are available in the office) or have a heksher (kosher symbol) on the packaging. Foods that are exempt are all pareve products, including fruits and vegetables and coffee.

  • Food prepared in someone's home may not be brought in, even if that home is kosher.

  • COS-SJCC kitchen may be used to prepare foods made with kosher ingredients. Please check with the office for location of meat or dairy utensils, containers, sinks, and so on and for further information.