Kol Nidre 2022 Fundraising


Contribute to our Fundraising campaign. We understand these are uncertain economic times and we appreciate any amount that can be committed. We are grateful and thankful for everyone's support.


Member dues only cover part of the basic cost of operating our Synagogue.  They also do not fund the extras that we enjoy, such as special lectures, concerts, trips and other things that make membership so worthwhile.  To make up the difference and to ensure we leave our congregation in good financial shape for future generations, we offer several different ways of contributing:

Donate Securely Online

Click the "Donate" button below, set donation to any amount and use your credit card via Paypal to donate to COS-SJCC. You can also donate via venmo, @COS-SJCC. Any donation is greatly appreciated!​

Vision 20/20

Significant multi-year pledge that enables our congregation to thrive and offers many benefits to givers. Contact Pam Appel for more information.

Kol Nidre Appeal 

Annual pledge drive to fund synagogue expenses not covered by dues.

Shomrei Kahal 

Annual contribution to fund synagogue expenses not covered by dues.

General Fund

Contributions are welcome any time to honor an individual or commemorate an event.  Funds will be used in the area of greatest need.

COS Wish List

Opportunity to fully or partially fund the purchase of specific items that will enhance our building and/or programs but are outside the current budget. Contact Mike Squires for more information.

Sacred Music Fund

Contribution to the Cantor’s programs to honor an individual or an event.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Honor an individual or event with a contribution to help the Rabbi expand his programs.

Memorial Plaques

Plaque on sanctuary board commemorating yahrzeit of honoree. Contact Burt Zitomer for more information.

Tree of Life

A “leaf” on wall sculpture in the first floor hallway to honor an individual. Contact Burt Zitomer for more information.

Yizkor Booklet

Published every Yom Kippur to remember designated individuals. Contact Karen Wexler for more information.

Sanctuary Cards

Say thank you, honor someone or congratulate them during the year. Contact Hilary Goldberg for more information.

New Year’s Greetings Book

Wish fellow congregants a Happy New Year with a personal greeting. Contact Linda Cabasin for more information.

Sefer Chaim

Commemorate a special event in the “Book of Life” that sits outside the sanctuary. Contact Penny Pincus for more information.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards for popular retailers sold at face value.  We receive a portion of each sale. Contact Elaina Luboff for more information.

Sponsor a Shabbat

Why not sponsor an Oneg Shabbat (after Friday night services) or a Kiddush (after Saturday morning services) to recognize a special event? The cost is reasonable, and may be shared with other families.

Temple Marketplace

WHEN YOU SUPPORT OUR SYNAGOGUE THROUGH OUR MARKETPLACE, YOU'RE HELPING TO SUSTAIN OUR SYNAGOGUE. Our Marketplace is like a virtual shopping mall, providing access to nearly 3,000 stores. But unlike the mall and other online shopping sites, it raises funds for our shul each time you shop (or even search) online. Click here for more info.

Vision 20/20

SJCC Venmo.jpeg

We’ve worked so hard as a community to eliminate our constraints one-by-one.  Through Room-to-Soar, space no longer limits us.  We welcome whole-heartedly intermarried families. We have no litmus test for degree of observance before joining.  And we can do more. Our “vision” is nothing less than to:

Create a platform on which to enhance the Ohr Shalom community of the future; a spiritual, embracing, accessible community—any age/any financial means/any degree of observance.

Hence VISION 20/20 is born with the potential to affect our future strongly and positively.The program goals are to:

  • Enhance membership experience; increase engagement

  • Build a broader member base

  • Stabilize ongoing finances

  • Grow beyond sustainability


To achieve our goals, as always, everybody will need to contribute their time and treasure.  Volunteering and donations will always be critically important.  This is our community, we own it, and we each need to make it thrive!  So it’s important to say that for now, the dues structure and fundraising will remain unchanged for the majority of families.


For those households who are blessed with the capacity, we will ask them to make significant multiyear pledges (> $10,000/y) that will help us reach our goals. 

The Visionary levels are:

  • Luminaries  ≥$125,000 (eg.$25,000y x 5 y)          

  • Innovators ≥$100,000 (eg. $20,000y x 5y)                      

  • Dreamers  ≥$75,000 (eg. $15,000y x 5y)

  • Oracles  ≥$50,000 (eg. $10,000y x 5y)


These households will become our VISIONARIES, and their pledge will cover: Dues, the Kol Nidre appeal, the ad journal, every event, every dinner, Religious School tuition, etc. The only items not included will be remaining Room-to-Soar pledges and

The incremental donation (above prior giving level) will be split between:

  • Religious School

    • Increasing access to a Jewish education is our priority

    • Reducing cost addresses an important barrier to participation.

  • Operating funds

    • Financial stability is a priority

    • Improving the member experience is also a critical pillar for growth and retention,  so any available operating funds beyond base expenses will be used to support that goal


We look forward to speaking with you about participating in this initiative in a way that is meaningful to you, so that you can be a part of planting for our future, just as prior generations planted for us. We thank you for your consideration.


Room to Soar

Now, More than Ever… Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow

At this exciting time, we continue to need your financial support so that we can adequately meet our ongoing financial commitments during this year. If you've already made a pledge, please consider accelerating payments to enhance our cash flow. If you have not yet made a pledge, your support would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to use stock to meet your commitment, please see the instructions for stock transfer in this issue of the Chronicle. As always, we greatly appreciate your support.


Please contact Richard Barron (barron81@aol.com) if you have any questions.


Gift Cards

What is the SJCC Gift Card program?


The Gift Card Program is a fundraiser for the SJCC that costs you nothing. The gift cards you purchase from the SJCC are from major retailers and can be used just like cash. The SJCC offers gift cards from a wide variety of stores - from supermarkets, to clothing stores, to bookshops, to restaurants. And with every gift card you purchase, you make money for the SJCC!

Which gift cards are available?

Click here to see a list of 125 participating retailers. Since gift cards are used just like cash, in the vast majority of cases, you are still entitled to take advantage of all sales and promotions from a retailer. Some retailers even allow the use of gift cards to pay off charge accounts. Most cards can be used both in a retailer's stores and for online shopping through their Web site.


How do gift cards generate revenue for the SJCC?

The SJCC purchases the gift cards at a discount and resells the gift cards at face value. The difference in price - which varies among participating retailers from 1.5% to 15% or more - is our organization's revenue.

Example:  The SJCC purchases a Starbucks gift card for $9.30 and sells it to you for $10.  You get the full face value of $10 when you shop at Starbucks and the SJCC earns 70 cents.

Why are gift cards a great fundraiser for the SJCC?

Gift cards are a great fundraiser because they cost you nothing extra to earn money for the SJCC other than a few minutes of your time. By changing your habits and buying gift cards before you shop, you can earn money for the SJCC just by making your regular household and other purchases.  All kinds of items - clothing, toys, groceries - can be purchased with gift cards at no extra cost to you. Yet, every time you remember to buy and use gifts cards, the money adds up to help underwrite SJCC programs.


How do I buy gift cards from the SJCC?

The Gift Card Program is easy to use. Cards for local supermarkets (A&P, ShopRite, Stop N' Shop, Kings, and Whole Foods) are in stock in the SJCC office in various denominations and can be purchased during regular business hours (which includes most Sunday mornings) on an ongoing basis. Supermarket Gift Card orders of $200 or more are eligible for free local delivery - contact Elaina Luboff to make arrangements. The Office now also stocks Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts in $10 and $25 denominations.

Cards for other retailers (clothing, restaurants, books, etc.) are purchased via order form.

We have set up a regular order schedule for gift cards, where participants may commit to a fixed quantity of gift cards each month. If you "subscribe" to a monthly purchase that totals $200 or more, your cards can be delivered to you. You may always adjust your monthly order if your original commitment is not meeting your needs. The Chronicle and this web site will include a copy of the current order form and additional copies will be available at the SJCC. (There may also be occasional updates and information via Global email.) Completed order forms should be returned to the SJCC Office (by mail or in person) accompanied by payment in cash or check (made payable to "SJCC" with "Gift Cards" written in the memo line).

For more information, please contact Elaina Luboff or call the SJCC office at 908-273-8130.



Is there a birthday in your family coming up soon? Are you celebrating a special anniversary? Would you like to have an excuse to come to synagogue with your friends one Friday night or Saturday morning?

Why not sponsor an Oneg Shabbat (after Friday night services) or a Kiddush (after Saturday morning services) to recognize a special event? The cost is reasonable, and may be shared with other families.

Fees for sponsoring a Shabbat event:

  • Saturday morning Kiddush: $360

  • Friday night Oneg Shabbat: $200

  • Friday night Tot Shabbat Oneg: $180


You may also contribute any amount to our "Kiddush Kitty," which supports food purchases for our unsponsored Oneg and Kiddush gatherings. 

For more information, to reserve your date, or to donate to the Kiddush Kitty, contact the SJCC office at 908-273-8130 or email admin@summitjcc.org

Sponsor a Shabbat


Temple Marketplace


Our Marketplace is like a virtual shopping mall, providing access to nearly 3,000 stores. But unlike the mall and other online shopping sites, it raises funds for our shul each time you shop (or even search) online.


1) Register to support your organization at Good Shop (click on the 'Become a Supporter' button in the upper right).

2) Shop online. You'll have access to special coupons and seasonal promotions -- and -- you'll help us each time you make a purchase!

Don't see your favorite store? Choose from many more retailers using GoodShop's search box.