COS-SJCC is able to offer diverse programming and a multitude of services and events due to the time and the talent provided by our congregants. Volunteers staff and lead over 50 committees, including alternative religious services, finance, education, community outreach and social programs. You will find the e-mail addresses of committee chairs by clicking their names below. You may also find them in the Ad Journal.



Karen Rosenberg


Mindy Huber

Michael Kessel

Jon Limmer

Lisa Sanderson

Mike Squires


Steve Mirsky


Etya Novik


Judi Sills


David Ehrenfried


Phil Kantor

Board of Trustees 2020-2021

(click on any name for a person's email address)

Emmy Atlas

Larry Bauer

Heather Gittleman

Mindy Huber

Ellen Lehrich

Andre Luboff

Steve Mirsky

Philip Paul

Stacey Sacks

Lisa Sanderson

Matthew Vamvakis

Committees and Volunteer Opportunities


Men’s Club

Assist with planning and running events for Men's Club and congregation in general

Phil Paul.

Women's Group

Assist with planning and running events for Men's Club and congregation in general

Edith Benzimra

Joint Synagogue Programs

Coordinating programming in conjunction with other area synagogues

Gail Britt

Religious Committee

Setting guidelines for services and other observances

David Ehrenfried

High Holidays

Planning and coordinating activities surrounding high holiday services, including ushering and honors

Rick Goldberg

Jeremy Markowitz


Advocating and coordinating green activities within the congregation and community

Mimi Zukoff

Legacy Program

Coordinating legacy giving by congregants

Samantha Hickman

Adult Education

Planning and coordinating classes, lectures and other activities

Susan Shapiro

Tot Shabbat

Coordinating activities for Friday night services geared to young children and their families

Jodi Hiller

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Orienting and guiding families preparing for their child's bar/bat mitzvah

Kala Paul

Early Learning Center

Parent committee that oversees the ELC.  Coordinates social events, fund raising and other activities.

Shannon Askinasi

Jodi Hiller

Jewish Learning Center

Parent committee that oversees the JLC

Alexis Cohen


Parent committee that oversees the activities in our teen program

Margarita Shultz

Laura Cole

Ad Journal

Coordinating advertising solicitation and production of our annual member directory that features ads from area businesses.

Richard Barron


Building awareness and interest for the congregation to attract new members

Edith Benzimra


Maintaining and updating the congregational website

Karen Wexler

Social Action

Planning and coordinating activities to assist our community

Jennifer Glatt


Helping to coordinate maintenance of our building and grounds and assisting with occasional minor repairs

Andre Luboff


Ensuring a safe environment for all our members during school, services and events

Jim Paul


Raising awareness of events and accomplishments in our congregation

Edith Benzimra


Ensuring that the kitchen is maintained and stocked

Shul Main Office

Kitchen Staffing

Coordinating staffing for all events to prepare and serve food

Shul Main Office


Coordinating food and beverage shopping for Friday night and Saturday morning kiddushim when there is no event scheduled

Gail Britt

Susan Glick


Maintaining the IT infrastructure of the building

Mark Beatty

Cantor’s Programs

Assisting with planning and coordinating programs like "Artist in Residence"

Gift Cards

Recording and distributing retailer gift cards that we sell to raise money for the congregation

Elaina Luboff

Faith Feuerman

Membership Recruitment

Reaching and assisting potential new members to help inform them about our congregation

Stacey Sacks

Rachel Zucker

Membership Retention

Helping to make new members (as well as long-time members) feel welcome and valued

Jon Limmer